Easily Customised

Quickly customise databases and forms to capture relevant data yourself. Competing solutions can require complex programming, or the support of developers. In comparison, most management users can modify or add simple features to Systemate with only a few hours of training using the drag and drop features. There are no fixed modules in systemate, and our visual editor and easy customisability (without needing any programming code knowledge) means you can perfectly match your existing organisation or company processes.

Fast Deployment

Complex changes can also be made and tested within a few hours, with changes instantly available across all devices once deployed. The ability to rapidly deploy changes means that your information systems will always be in synch with the needs of your business or organisation.

Offline Mode

No internet? No problem! Systemate has been stress-tested in some of the most remote areas of Papua New Guinea. Your field teams can cache targeted data to go offline for remote lookups and processing such as health, education or subsidy recipients, government service delivery and projects or election and ID census data just to name a few. As soon as they are back in coverage, data can be automatically synched to your master installation. This is truly leading edge technology and has been proven and tested in remote developing countires.

Rapid Reporting

Visualise data on any metric in real time. Rapidly build reports and clean user friendly charts to show the insights your organisation needs to make decisions. Export charts or data for further processing or use in other software.

Ensure Transparency

Comprehensive auditing delivers transparency and peace of mind. Track every change ever made to a database, form or any piece of data to a specific time or user. Our audit capability excels when it comes to the integrity of data collected in the system.


Automate complex workflows. Systemate is more than just user-friendly data capture, databases design, easily deployed mobile forms and functional reports. Build complex workflows and calculations into Systemate that can be automatically triggered every time a user submits a form, again without writing programming codes.