Old Age and Disability Pensions in PNG

Systemate replaced manual paper-based system for social payments in New Ireland Province PNG, and is acknowledged as the management information system that is leading the way in service delivery in PNG.

Tens of thousands of pensionsers in a PNG province receive old age or disability social payments each year using Systemate.


ID verification, photos and registration information captured into off-line tablets and synched into central system.

Field Payouts

Identify checks and distribution of pension to remote and rural communities using offline devices.

Bank Payments

Automation of paperwork to facilitate electronic transfers

Reporting and Analysis

Real time charts and reports available for NGO’s, politicians and public service adminstration to track service delivery.

The program was able to be implemented easily as we could design it oursleves, creating powerful databases, forms and reports, this was due to it’s extremely flexible user friendly platform.

The ease of importing existing data from traditional sources and caching forms with all the associated data, allows us to do lookups in the field which then enables data verification. To date this has been unheard of in PNG. By capturing recipients with photo ID and available as real-time data, this has transformed the way Government can deliver social policy services to everyone and in the most remote areas. It was ground breaking for PNG and highlighted the huge potential of a cloud based, totally flexible, user friendly system to manage whatever services the Government was delivering wherer or not we had internet connection

Ms Mactil Bais
CEO Subsidy Unit
New Ireland Province, PNG