Asia Pacific Special Olympics 2013

Systemate was utilised to manage health incidents as an intuitive and comprehensive IT health reporting tool which co-ordinated and managed over 2000 athletes and over 1000 volunteers from 29 countries. Systemate delivered an efficient and productive health management workflow by: Tracking and management of individual health incidents and daily team health checks, facilitation and management of health related appointments and by reporting and analysis of individuals to entire games health incidents and trends.

Sytemate powered the medical management system for 5000+ athletes and volunteers


Captured complex registration data for diverse group of athletes with complex health needs

Real-time Triggers

Real-time standard and critical incident reports routed to medical teams to allow quick response.

On-the-fly changes

Users singled out the ability to customise reports and forms on-the-fly as key to dealing with complex and unpredictable context.

Reporting and Analysis

Daily reporting and analysis allowed constant tweaking of medical services.

The ability to adjust form content within ‘Systemate’ was excellent and improved data entry and consolidated reporting. It also enabled the ‘Systemate’ forms and reporting modules to be adjusted during the Games to better meet the CMO’s requirements. ‘Systemate’ health reporting system is intuitive and requires minimal training to achieve required health reporting outcomes.

Dr Kieran McCarthy, FRACGP
Major, Royal Australian Army Medical Corps
Chief Medical Officer, SOAPG

Part of the risk management for the event with 2100 intellectually disabled athletes from 29 countries participating we needed a system that could capture and report on details of all medical issues.

The unique ability of Systemate allowed the event manager to analyse the whole asset or activity, which rolls over to another action, with the feature of a full historical audit trail, allowing for micromanagement, reporting and analysis on an intricate or broad scale.

Rex Langthorne AM
Director Special Olympics 2013 Asia Pacific Games Limited